About DMI
DMI is founded by a group of people with the same goal and the passion to be the “BEST”. At DMI the focus is clear: provides customers with a full range of products and services to reach a better life and fulfill the responsibility of global citizen. Due to endless searching for a safer and better life, DMI combines a group of professional people in all areas and focuses on developing products to meet the expectation of the future. As a member of the global citizens, DMI performs its enterprise responsibilities and executes life-meaningful enterprise activities. For the global environmental issues, DMI develops energy saving and carbon reduction of environmental friendly products to save a better future for our children and grand children. People are the most important asset in DMI. Each employee combines both abilities of execution and creativity, and this is the momentum to keep DMI moving forward. Integrity and profession are the most valuable personalities to each employee in DMI. In order to pursue and achieve the vision of “provider for better life”, DMI persists its own belief and walks its way.
Shared Vision
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